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1. What is the STAP budget?

The Dutch Government has implemented a new subsidy as of the 1st of March 2022 for training and schooling purposes. The subsidy is called STAP. STAP stands for Stimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie (stimulating your position within the labour market). This subsidy has been created to do exactly that: to help stimulate and improve your position within the labour market by means of offering a budget for training and educational courses or retraining in order to be able to work in a different role. The government makes it possible for individuals to apply for a maximum compensation of € 1.000 per year. You can use this compensation to contribute fully or partly towards paying for a course or training with a recognized educational or training institution, which could help improve your position within the labour market.

2. Who can apply for the STAP budget ?

The Stap budget is meant for all employees and job seekers who want to improve their chances on the labour market. In order to be able to apply for the STAP-budget you have to meet the following requirements:

  • You are 18 years old or older.
  • You are not receiving AOW.
  • You have a DigiD.
  • You are an EU citizen or registered partner of an EU citizen.
  • You must have been employed or received unemployment benefits for at least 6 months within the last 27 months.
  • You have not yet received a STAP budget this calendar year and there is still a budget available.
  • You have selected a training which is loaded in the STAP-scholingsregister

3. How can you apply for the STAP budget ?

Below the steps you need to take to book a Kickstart School Language course using the STAP budget: 

  1. Look at the overview of the Kickstart School courses for which you can use the STAP budget and choose the one that is right for you. 
  2. Let us know which course you want to attend by filling in the pre-registration form below.
  3. We will process your pre-registration and send you a STAP registration certificate document (STAP-aanmeldingsbewijs). 
  4. You must upload this certificate to the UWV on 1 September at 10:00 via using your DigiD. The budget will run out within a couple of hours so you have to be on time.
  5. The UWV will process your STAP registration certificate and will officially let you know whether you can register for the Kickstart School course using the STAP budget.
  6. As soon as you have received confirmation from the UWV, you can register via our website. The instructions for this are in the STAP registration certificate. 
  7. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with all the course details including information on the course book. 

4. Which Kickstart School Dutch and English courses can you choose from?

The STAP budget for this period has run out. Please check back in December 2022 for the new STAP Budget period.

5. Fill out pre-registration 

Pre-registration is now closed. New applications will be accepted again in December 2022 

Do you have more questions about the STAP budget?   Contact us!   

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