Academic English for Teens

Starting in May, teens aged 14 to 16 will have a unique opportunity to study and practice Academic English language skills which will help them to not only perform better at school now but also to build a foundation for their future academic endeavors.

For two hours per week for five weeks, teens will learn to express themselves effectively in English through a variety of focused writing and speaking tasks, working in tandem with other teens in a small classroom setting. In addition, students will receive real-world exam practice to introduce them to aspects of the Cambridge English exams they may be required to take in the future. Each lesson is centered around interesting and topical themes to encourage engagement.

Students will have about 2 hours of homework for each lesson. Here, students will receive formal writing assignments, tasks to reinforce grammar points, and reading exercises to expose them to the structure and voice of higher-level texts.

Confidence is built by doing! When the course ends, students will be armed with the knowledge and experience to continue to their goals with self-assuredness. If your 14-16 year old is academic-minded and needs a little guidance to reinforce his or her English communication skills, consider the Academic English for Teenagers course.


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