Hybrid courses at Kickstart School

Complementing our online course format. 


We are restarting our Hybrid course format!

In the Covid-19 crisis, Kickstart School has gone through a steep learning curve after we successfully switched to 100% remote teaching in March 2020. Our teachers have grown experienced in teaching remote classes and, like our students, they have started to embrace the benefits of this new way of learning and teaching. 

Then in September 2020, following a successful pilot over the summer, we started running our Hybrid courses in addition to our Remote courses. We have since been forced to switch back to fully remote lessons for an extended period but are starting our Hybrid classes again in September 2021. From this term onwards there will be face to face, fully remote and hybrid classes offered by Kickstart School.

What is different?

The Hybrid course format efficiently combines Face-to-face and Remote teaching with flexibility for you. Each hybrid class-room is equipped with dual webcams and dual screens to ensure you can see and hear your teacher and all other participants in the class-room and at home optimally.  

How does it work?

  • Choose your format when you register. When you register for a hybrid course, you can select whether you would like to attend the course face-to-face or remotely. We will try to honour all face to face requests, but we only have a limited number of 4 seats available in each classroom at the required 1.5m distance.
  •  If you have opted for a seat in class and one day you cannot attend in person, you can switch to remote for that particular day. Flexibility is key.
  • Safety first. Kickstart School is of course adhering to all COVID-19 sector-guidelines. All seats in the classroom are 1.5m apart, we have adapted our common areas and we have appropriate disinfecting products available.
  • The maximum number of students for all course types remains 8, in line with the Kickstart School teaching philosophy. Small group size! 

All in all, whatever course type you choose, you can benefit from lessons taught at an institute which has proven to challenge itself and will challenge you!

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What do our students think? 

"I wanted to compliment the school on how well the hybrid class was run - not a single technical glitch, we could see and hear the students in their homes and they could hear us without any problems. Really well-done!"

"I have experienced both online and physical attendance and I am really impressed how the hybrid system is working out. I don't live in Den Haag and it is really nice to have the flexibility of joining the lessons from home once a while"


What does our teacher think?

"Although half of the students join the class from home, it still feels like one group in which everyone can see and hear each other well. Everyone talks to everyone and it feels like we are all together."

"The fact that you can't see each other's book makes the assignment of "find the differences" even more fun! Now you have to discuss and clearly explain what you mean!"

"In this hybrid course we can see and hear each other well. It is very nice to have an in person class feeling again and to be able to talk to each other safely!"

"The hybrid format gives a nice dynamic twist to the lesson and invites us to speak. Because of the screens and webcam everyone can see and hear each other well. It is very nice to be able to teach face to face again!"


Lenient opt-out policy 

You, of course, under these circumstances can opt out at any time if you get ill with Covid and we will reimburse the remainder of the course fees. 

How do we do hybrid teaching?

  • For students in the classroom, there is a screen set up at the table so you can see and hear the students at home joining with Zoom.
  • For the students at home, there is one camera showing the teacher and one showing the classroom. We are using a conference cam with a microphone that picks up the voices of all students and the teacher very well.
  • You can still do group work, in break out rooms for the students at home and in small groups in the classroom.
  • The teacher will be sharing the screen for the students at home, the face to face students will see the large screen in the classroom. This will be used for Kickstart.net, our online learning platform, and for sharing videos and other extra learning materials.
  • The teacher will be able to hand out files to the students in the classroom and send them as digital copies to the students at home. The handout and readers, for example, will be available both as a physical copy or a PDF online.

How do we do remote teaching?

  • The system we are using is called Zoom.
  • It is a very easy to install and use app that works with computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. All you need to join a class is to make a free account with your email address, download the app and make sure that you have an available microphone and webcam.
  • You will then receive an invite with a link and a meeting ID number that you can use to join the meeting that your teacher has set up. 
  • Share screen: the teacher can share his or her screen with a single click
  • Digital whiteboard: both the teacher and the students can use to whiteboard to write and draw. The whiteboard content can also be saved and shared with the class.
  • Breakout rooms: for work in small groups there are breakout rooms that will enable you to do exercises with 2 people or small groups even in an online session. The teacher will be able to check in and give personal feedback in each room. 
  • Share documents: if there is a document that the teacher wants to share, it can be sent easily through Zoom
  • Chat: there is also a chat function that can come in very handy for communication between the teacher and the students

In addition to all this functionality, the teacher will also make use of the tried and tested online learning platform KickstartNet which has all the learning materials, extra exercises, sound clips and videos. 

Interested? Please contact us anytime!