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Kickstart School offers two great options to improve the language skills of your employees.

If you wish your employees to learn a new language in an efficient and thorough way, then you are in the right place. We have a track record of language teaching that we are proud of, as shown by our CEDEO accreditation for our regular group courses.

As a company, you have two options to choose from:

1)     Regular group courses in our open program;

2)     Exclusive group courses with their own colleagues.

Joining the regular groups gives your employees the opportunity to pick a course at a time that suits them most. Following a course during the weekend seems to be a popular option for employees with busy schedules, not to mention that other advantages, such as meeting new people or broadening one’s horizons, also contribute to good learning results.

If you wish to give your team a bonding experience next to language learning, then we have exclusive courses for you. The timing of these courses can be planned partially during working hours or after the working day.

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Choosing the right course for your employees

Are Dutch language skills essential for your employees? Does your team struggle to express themselves efficiently? If you need expert training on effective and precise communication skills, Kickstart School is the right choice.

We have been developing general and tailor-made language courses for over 20 years to help employees thrive in the 21st century international work environment. 

We offer Dutch courses for companies, both face-to-face and online.

Choose from our two course options:

                                        Most chosen 


  • • offer plenty of scheduling options in terms of format, frequency, pace
    • facilitate meeting new people in the classroom
    • allow for extending professional network
    • follow a set Kickstart curriculum with proved results (Cedeo approved)
    • allow for easy registration with flat course rates
    • include groups of max. 8 attendees
    • ensure more privacy
  • Price: regular group price
  • No customization


  • • allow for a curriculum adaptable to special needs/requirements
    • offer extra opportunities for team integration
    • can be scheduled flexibly
    • allow for a modification of the course length
    • are priced individually (more affordable with 7 or more attendees)
  • Price: dependent on the number of employees
  • Customization options



When you choose to arrange a course with us, we do our best to make things run smoothly by including the following steps in the process:

  • For initial level assessment, ask your employee to do the online test;
  • In order to complete the assessment, ask your employee to schedule an oral intake through our booking system, after which they will receive a course recommendation;
  • Ask your employee to apply the coupon code (obtained from the HR apartment) when booking the course of their choice on our website.

The preparation of an exclusive course requires more interaction between your company and our school. In addition to the standard assessment procedures, a comprehensive initial assessment form with accurate information enables us to make the right match in terms of the teacher and the type of course. Then we move on to discuss the details of the course content and organization as well as any special needs you may have.

An extensive team of reliable and friendly teachers with whom we have been working for years offers the highest standard of language training, with lessons that are always engaging and interactive.

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