Inburgering in 2022

Inburgering in 2022

The new Law on Integration has been valid now for approximately six months, so
let’s have a look at the current situation.

The municipality (gemeente) where you live is responsible for the organisation of
your civic integration procedure. They will invite you for an interview and a test.
This is called the 'brede intake'. After the 'brede intake', the gemeente will makea plan with you: the personal integration and participation plan (PIP). This plan
says what you need to do to integrate. It also says if you need to take an exam.
And which exam.

  • If you are an asylum status holder you are under the obligation to
    participate in a civic integration course. The language level is B1.
    The gemeente may choose a school for you and in that case you can
    borrow the necessary money from DUO.
  • If you are not an asylum status holder you do not have to follow a civic
    intergration course. But if you are considering obtaining a permanent
    residency permit or even naturalisation, your are required to sit for the
    civic integration exam. In this case the language level is still A2 at the
    moment, but that will be raised to B1 in the course of 2023.
    You may choose your own school but you will have to pay for it yourself.

If you prefer to choose your own school, please consider this:

- Which courses are on offer?
- How many hours and how many lessons per week?
- How many people per class?
- Are there prerequisits for educational and language level?

Kickstart School offers a full range of Dutch language courses, from A0 to B2.
The courses have a modular setup, so you can start at your own language
level. Please have a look at the possibilities on this site.

The courses are based on a pattern of 24 hours, divided over 10-12 weeks.
The classes are small with a maximum of 10 students. The pace is quite high
and in the earlier stages of a course the necessary explanations may be given
in English, so a reasonable command of that language is required.

If you are not an asylum status holder it is still possible to sit for the
Inburgering Exam on A2 level at the moment, so we are still offering the
Inburgering course on that level. Apart from that, we are making the
preparations for an Inburgering course on B1 level that will start at the
beginning of 2023.

Keep in mind that both Inburgering courses are exam preparation courses, so
your language level should be on par before you start!

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