Inburgering in 2023

Inburgering in 2023

Since the start of 2022 the language level for Inburgering has been increased from A2 to B1 – but only for those who are under the obligation to participate in a civic integration course, the so called asylum status holders.

If you are not an asylum status holder you are not obliged to take a civic integration course, but what if you want to apply for a permanent residence permit (regular or asylum), a residence permit long-term resident EU or for a residence permit humanitarian non-temporary? Or become a Dutch national through naturalisation? Then you usually have to fulfil the integration requirement, which means that you must integrate before the application. (IND, latest update October 31).

If you have followed the Inburgering developments you may know that exam requirements for non-asylum status holders are still A2 at the moment. But the Dutch government plans to increase the language requirements to apply for more secure residence permits and naturalisation from level A2 to level B1. Expectations are, however, that the increase to level B1 will not take place in 2022. Therefore, until further notice, the language requirement will remain level A2 in 2022. (IND.)

One thing is certain: the increase to level B1 is going to happen in 2023. But exactly when is still not clear. So if you are considering an application for a permanent permit or even naturalisation, Kickstart School urgently advises you to go for the Inburgering exam as quickly as possible – while it is still at A2 level! Our Inburgering Course will prepare you for this exam in 8 – 10 lessons.

If you fear that your command of Dutch (speaking, listening, reading and writing) is not yet on the necessary level – please contact us. We can level you up in no time and get you ready for your exams!

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