Inburgering update January 2024

Inburgering update January 2024

If you have followed the Inburgering developments, you will know that it was the intention of the Dutch Government to renew the organisation of the Inburgering Exam and to raise the required language level for the exam from level A2 to B1. The plan came into effect on January 2022, but only for those who are under the obligation to participate in a civic integration course, the so called asylum status holders. For this group, the Inburgering Exam has been on level B1 since January 2022.

If you are not an asylum status holder, the situation is different. You are not obliged to take a civic integration course. But if you want to apply for a permanent residency permit or naturalisation you usually have to fulfil the integration requirement. The big difference is that in this case the language level of the Inburgering Exam is still A2!

Language level remains A2 in 2024
The Dutch government plans to increase the language requirement to apply for more secure residence permits and naturalisation from level A2 to level B1. Expectations are, however, that the increase to level B1 will not take place in 2024. Therefore, until further notice, the language requirement will remain level A2 in 2024. (Source: IND)

When you decide to apply for a residency permit or naturalisation: contact your Gemeente. Municipalities play an essential role in your civic integration obligation.

The gemeente will invite you for a ‘Brede Intake’ consisting of an interview and a test.
They will also invite you to attend a meeting PVT (ParticipatieVerklaringsTraject), in which the basic values of the Dutch society are explained.
A plan will be made: ‘the personal integration and participation plan (PIP),
stating what you will have to do to obtain your residency permit or naturalisation. Learning Dutch is always a prerequisite.
You can choose your own language school, but you will have to pay for it yourself.
So, this is the present situation. We do not expect too many changes in 2024. If your plan is to stay in the Netherlands long term, take advantage of the lower language requirements while it is still possible. The differences in difficulty between level A2 and B1 are quite big, so don’t wait too long!

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