Join our Jubilee competition!

Instagram reel competition – Kickstart your language learning!

To celebrate our 20-year anniversary, we want to offer you the chance to win a free or discounted group course at Kickstart School!

It is very simple: create and publish an Instagram reel on your profile in which you practise what you have been learning at Kickstart School - then add the hashtag #kickstartyourlanguagelearning and tag us in the reel.

Read the requirements below carefully and get creative!


PRIZE:                                    1st prize: a free language course!
                                               2nd prize: 50% discount on your next course
                                               3rd prize: 33% discount on your next course

TOPIC:                                    Kickstart your language learning

DEADLINE (to send reel):    Wednesday 8th of September 2021

PUBLISHING DATE:            Thursday 9th of September 2021



Create an Instagram reel that shows you putting into practice what you have been learning at Kickstart School. Then publish it on your profile adding the hashtag #kickstartyourlanguagelearning to the caption and tag us in the reel.

When making your reel, please consider using one or more of the points below:

  • The language you are studying
  • Include a mention of Kickstart School
  • Tell an engaging and fun story that involves other people and places


Each participant will post the reel on the same day (see deadline and dates below). The admin staff will then watch all the videos and decide which reel is the most creative, engaging and in line with the requirements. The best reels will also be published on Kickstart’s Instagram account.

  • The video should be related to Dutch, English and/or Chinese
  • The minimum video resolution is 600 x 1067 pixels
  • The maximum video resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • The aspect ratio is 9:16
  • Length: max. 1 minute
  • Do not forget to make your reel public, to use the hashtag #kickstartyourlanguagelearning and tag us in the reel.
  • Provide your Instagram details if you would like to be mentioned on our social media channels.
  • Send the reel to [email protected] no later than Wednesday 8th of September 2021. This will allow us to know you are participating so that we don’t miss any entry.
  • The reel will have to be posted ONLY on Thursday 9th of September 2021.
  • The Kickstart School staff will have a look at all the reels on Friday 10th of September and notify the winners. The reels might then be shared on our social media accounts.


The winners of the competition will receive one of the following prizes applicable to the following Dutch, English or Chinese group courses below.

1st prize: a free language course!
2nd prize: 50% discount on your next course
3rd prize: 33% discount on your next course

The winner must enrol in a course in the September-December term (2021) or the January to March term (2022).

Dutch Courses

  • Starterpack for Beginners
  • Basic Dutch for Au Pairs
  • Stepping Stone I, II, III, IV or V
  • Advanced Dutch Course

English Courses                                

  • General English Courses (9-lesson package)

Chinese Courses

  • Chinese Course I a - HSK 1
  • Chinese Course I b - HSK 1
  • Chinese Course II a - HSK 2
  • Chinese Course II b - HSK 2


  • The course prizes can only be taken up by the person who submitted the winning entry. It cannot be donated to another person.
  • By participating, you give permission for your competition entry to be published on Kickstart’s social media channels.


We look forward to watching your reels!

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