Kickstart School Sinterklaas Poem Contest

Submit an original Sinterklaas poem for a chance to win a free language course, valued at €360.

This year at Kickstart School we have decided to celebrate Sinterklaas together, by hosting a Sinterklaas Poem contest.

What is a Sinterklaas Poem?

 A Sinterklaas poem is a rhyming poem that normally accompanies a Sinterklaas gift. 

The poem is a chance for you to poke fun at someone or something, or tell a funny story from the past year.
If you want, you could write a poem about your class at Kickstart School, or about your language learning experience in general. 

 No need to overthink it, Sinterklaas poems are meant to be informal and fun.

The Poem is always written from the perspective of Sinterklaas and Piet. 

For example, instead of “when we fell into the canal.” It should be “When Sint & Piet saw you fall into the canal.”



PRIZE:               Free language course valued at €360

DEADLINE:       Thursday 2nd of December 2021



Write and submit an original Sinterklaas poem following the guidelines below:

Poems should…..

  • Be from the perspective of Sint & Piet
  • Be original
  • Be at least eight lines long
  • Rhyme
  • Be in either Dutch or English 
  • Include at least two of these words: Sinterklaas, Piet, paard (horse), december (December), pepernoten

You can find more Sinterklaas vocabulary below:

De zak (the sack)

De chocoladeletter (the chocolate letter)

Het sinterklaasboek (the book of Sinterklaas)

Het cadeau (the gift)

De stoomboot (the steamboot)

For more information about Sinterklaas poems, refer to this article:



All entries must be submitted by email to [email protected] by December 2nd 2021.

We at Kickstart will then go through all submissions, pick the best one and announce the winner by December 3rd 2021.


Terms & Conditions:

Winner must choose a group course valued at €360 within the 2022 academic year. 


Best of luck!


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