Would you like to learn more about China?

Continuing lecture series! Also interesting for NT2 students. If you would like to attend presentations about China in Dutch, read on to the end of this blog post!

Kickstart School is committed to providing high quality Chinese courses and together with a team of three teachers we have already taken the necessary steps to achieve this. The courses are running and the first exams have already been passed by the first batch of students. The lesson plans are written, the handouts made, KickstartNet set up and the marketing machine is running. In short, things are going well. But there is more!

How nice would it be to find out more about the cultural differences between East and West! And to gain some more insight into the rich history of China. And how helpful and interesting it is to see what the similarities and differences are in how we do business!

In order to give shape to these interesting aspects that are part of learning a language, Kickstart School has initiated contact with a language school in Beijing that specializes in giving tours and making presentations on cultural and other current topics. This school is called China Inside and is led by Monique Groeneveld with the collaboration of Inge Jansen.

Monique is a historian and China expert and usually lives 10 months of the year in Beijing and 2 months in the Netherlands. She is now stranded by Corona but her school is still active in making presentations. Inge Jansen is a sinologist and has lived in Beijing for over 10 years.

During Corona times, the presentations happen via Zoom and the timing is geared towards people in the Netherlands. The topics vary (see below). The presentations are mainly given in Dutch, an English series will run later in the year.

Through this cooperation Kickstart can offer its students the opportunity to learn a lot about life in China (in the past and now) and also to dream away and step out of their daily routine. These presentations are not only interesting for our Chinese students but also for NT2 students who already have a B1-B2 level to make sure their Dutch level is high enough to follow the presentation.

Kickstart will cover the costs for attending one of these presentations as a bonus for our students in these difficult Corona times.


The agenda is as follows:

Thursday, July 1

Symbolism in Chinese culture

Why are the roofs in the Forbidden City yellow and not green or blue? To whom do you give a painting with a chrysanthemum as a gift and to whom not? Why do you see an aquarium with goldfish in many Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands? Chinese culture is rich in symbolism. Behind the use of images, colors and numbers there is often a deeper meaning.

Time: 20:00-21:00 hours

Price: 9.00 - free for Kickstart Students


Other talks scheduled during the summer:

Donderdag 8 juli - 3 Steden: Beijing
Donderdag 15 juli - 3 steden: Shanghai
Donderdag 22 juli - 3 steden: Xi'an
Dinsdag 27 juli - Werelderfgoed China - Grand Canal,
Suzhou + Hangzhou
Dinsdag 3 aug. - Werelderfgoed China - Boeddhistische
grotten & paleizen buiten de hoofdstad
Dinsdag 10 aug. - Moderne architectuur in China
Dinsdag 17 aug. - Chinees porselein
Dinsdag 24 aug. - Chinese taal
Dinsdag 31 aug. - 600 jaar Verboden Stad


How does it work for Kickstart students?

- Email Kickstart School to let us know you would like to join the presentation Symbolism in Chinese culture

- Kickstart School arranges the payment for the prensentation and ensures that the login details will be sent.


Next to the presentations, they are also organizing foodwalks in The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam again. During a foodwalk you visit a number of locations together with them for a tasting of dishes from the different Chinese corners of the world. During the walk they will tell you about the dishes and the background of the Chinese community in the Netherlands. Contact them on their facebook page ChinaInside. You can also subscribe to their mailing list, and then you will automatically be notified of new activities. (not covered by Kickstart School)

Foodwalks; Amsterdam, Rotterdam, DenHaag
+ stops bij 3 verschillende restaurants
+ inclusief Chinese thee
+ veel wetenswaardigheden over de Chinese(eet) cultuur en de geschiedenis van ChinaTowns in Nederland
+ volop vegetarische opties
Zondag 4 juli - 11.30 uur Den Haag
Zaterdag 10 juli - 17:00 uur Rotterdam
Zaterdag 17 juli - 11:00 uur Amsterdam
Zaterdag 24 juli - 16:00 uur Amsterdam
Zondag 1 augustus - 11:30 uur Den Haag
Zondag 8 augustus - 17:00 uur Rotterdam
Zaterdag 14 augustus - 17:00 uur Den Haag
Zaterdag 21 augustus - 11:30 uur Amsterdam
Zaterdag 28 augustus - 11.30 uur Amsterdam
Prijs 63,00 euro per persoon, not covered by Kickstart School


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