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Livada is the Romanian word for orchard and in the best symbology of this word, the foundation helps orphans in Romania to get a better start in life and a better future for them and their surroundings.  

Due to the support from the Dutch donors, they can make a positive impact on the lives of the orphans in Romania. In collaboration with a local team in Romania they evaluate the needs of the children and their families in order to seek support in the Netherlands for these projects.  

All the members of the Livada Foundation do their work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any reimbursement which means they can use the donations to the full extent for the support of the orphans.  

Since 2018 the Livada Foundation has supported many projects focusing on preventive care, Fostercare, Schooling and giving information. This is to prevent the children being taken out from their family environment and ending up in orphanages. Furthermore they help people in a constructive way by giving them the means to further themselves. Livada hand out school supplies, give medical care, give information to families, organise after school care and provide basic care.  

For these projects the Livada Foundation always ask support from donors to buy school supplies. In addition, there are costs for after school care, weekly hot meals at school and clothing/shoes.   

The Livada Foundation does a large clothing/shoe collection campaign twice a year from the Netherlands and transports the donated items to Romania, where many children, at school, in families or in Fostercare, get the clothes they need.  

Thanks to their supporters help and their direct contact with their colleagues in Romania, the Livada Foundation are able to carry out these amazing projects! Working close with children! 

The foster care program is the greatest success in Livada’s work. Young children come from the most awful situations (abandoned, abused, hospitalised) to live with lovely foster care families. The foster parents are so involved with their new children. They give these children a normal family life and a place they can be safe! The warmth and love the parents give them is amazing!  

Also, the baby hospital project is a great success. Livada made a nice safe space in the hospital, where they arranged volunteers, a teacher, and a therapist who are busy with the children during the day. Otherwise the children will lay in their beds the whole day! They support the new parents with money and goods.

Donating clothing and supplies 

Every year Livada’s team gather in The Hague with their bus where they collect items for the children they support in Romania. 
Do you have (used) children's clothing (0-18 years), ladies or gentlemen's clothing, children's shoes, rain boots, bedding or baby stuff? Contact them about the pick-up day and bring your donations (preferably delivered in boxes with labels describing what's in it): 

Donating money 

Through Livada Foundation’s website ( you can find their bank account information where you may donate any value in order to help supporting their beautiful projects. In their website you can also read about their projects and where your valuable help will be used. 

Being a volunteer 

Get in touch with Livada Foundation to learn about the volunteering opportunities: