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Our teachers are all highly-experienced, native speakers. They have diverse backgrounds and they are a close, friendly team waiting to meet you.

Mariette, Dutch Teacher 

During my law studies I lived in the United States and South America (Colombia) for a long time. I know from experience what an enrichment it is to be able to communicate in different languages in an international environment. By immersing yourself in the language you will feel more at home in a different culture, you will get to know people more easily and you will understand each other's world better. After graduating, I worked for a long time in various marketing and communication functions in the business world before I decided to fully focus on language education, which is really my passion.

Maarten, Dutch Teacher

Learning a language is all about energy and motivation. These are created by making people curious and I try to achieve that with my students. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. In addition, there must also be laughter in class. And Dutch culture offers enough material to make jokes. After my training as a company trainer I started working as a teacher at a number of international call centres. I have also given presentation and application training, both in the field of oral and written skills. I am therefore familiar with working together within a large diverse group of people.

Jeannine, Dutch Teacher

I studied French at the university in Leiden and then started as a secondary school teacher. I have been able to practice my profession and hobby in many places in the world. I love the French language, but I also want to teach my mother tongue, Dutch, to foreigners living in the Netherlands. If you want to get to know the culture and customs of a country well, then the language is indispensable. A language can be taught individually, but in a group with students of different nationalities you learn more; not only from the teacher, but also from each other.

Kathleen, Dutch Teacher

I have studied Dutch, English and Russian. Following this, I spent 15 years living in Russia and the United States and therefore know from experience how important it is to know the language of the country you live in and how to approach learning it. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and do my best to make complicated grammar understandable.

Paul, Dutch Teacher

I have previously taught Dutch to students aged 16 and 25 years in secondary schools and vocational education. Over the past 10 years I have mainly taught Dutch to people who come from abroad and have a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. I enjoy the students who are enthusiastic, eager to learn, and keen to ask questions about their new language as well as learning about Dutch habits and culture. I am a creative teacher and like to teach not only with existing methods but also with material specially adapted to a particular group. It is fascinating for me to meet and work with students in an informal learning atmosphere.

Sandra, Dutch Teacher 

As a child born of two cultures I noticed the importance of language in communication with others. It was my start to study a foreign language. During my Sinology study I also taught next to it. I enjoyed it so much that after some wandering, I chose to work as a teacher again. I like to teach my students the ins and outs of a language. In addition, I find the cultural interaction with students to be very interesting. I am also intensively involved in the Kickstart Chinese courses due to my background. Working with language is the best thing there is!

Natalie, Dutch Teacher

After studying Dutch at Leiden University and communication science in Utrecht and Munich, I started working as a communications consultant and spokesperson. I have enjoyed doing this for more than 25 years for companies and governments. In 2017 I made the switch to education. I taught business writing at The Hague University. During that period I also started as a teacher of Dutch for speakers of other languages; it turned out to be my passion. I think it's wonderful to see how people develop and improve their language skills and increase their self-confidence. That way I can contribute to a great time in the Netherlands.

Letty, Dutch Teacher

I really enjoy giving Dutch lessons to expats and international students, it gives me energy. My pedagogical background helps me with this. As an expat I have lived in different countries and taught at different language institutes, both private students and groups. My experience is that by learning the language you also learn to understand the culture of the country better and you can adapt faster and have fun and build interesting contacts.

Christine,Dutch Teacher

After several years of studying French and living in Paris, I went on to work for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Having lived abroad and travelled widely, I know from experience how much fun and how important it is to speak the language of the country that you are living in; in fact, it’s the key to making you really feel at home. After over 10 years, I still take great satisfaction from teaching Dutch, and enjoy seeing my students grow more confident. Teaching a small group of people from different countries and cultures is enormous fun for both myself and my students.

Margreet, Dutch Teacher

Having spent many years as a Dutch teacher in a secondary school, I have become specialized in teaching Dutch as a secondary language. I have lived abroad for several years and know from personal experience how important it is to be able to speak and understand the language of the country you live in. Because of the high level of motivation in students, I find that teaching Dutch is a rewarding experience. I enjoy combining the language training with information on Dutch history, culture and practical facts of everyday life in Holland. Enabling people to find their own way in Dutch society gives me great pleasure.

Diane, Dutch Teacher

Currently a full time Dutch teacher, I originally started my career in language training by teaching French. However, due to the high demand for Dutch-language courses throughout the Netherlands, I decided to shift focus, and began teaching my native language, Dutch. Although I consider it a challenging task, I love to teach large groups due to the class dynamic, where I can combine the development of individual students and of the group as a whole. I am a creative teacher, and if necessary I develop and supplement the teaching materials, making my classroom an innovative and exciting environment.

Jacqueline, Dutch Teacher

As an expat myself, I have first-hand experience of what it is like to live abroad, and understand the pleasure of exploring and learning about new countries and their cultures. I consider being able to communicate with locals in their own language an enormously enriching part of this experience. Outside of the Netherlands, I have been involved with various Dutch language institutes and have taught a wide range of age-groups. I love the international character of my classes, and enjoy helping students improve and develop their understanding of Dutch culture by learning the language.

Eva, Dutch Teacher

As a native speaker you don't always realize how rich, strange or special your own language is. The same applies to the culture that you grew up in. But in an NT2 class, you realize this every day! The students each bring their own views on the Netherlands and the Dutch language. I think it is wonderful that I can help them understand our language and culture so they can feel more at home in the Netherlands.

Antonette, Dutch Teacher

After studying communication I started my career in business. In addition to this, I also followed a teacher training course. Since 2011 I have found my passion in education and I enjoy working as an NT2 teacher. I particularly like explaining and delving into grammar. I think it is important to make the student enthusiastic (and maintain it) for the Dutch language, and to not only to focus on the things that the student still needs to learn, but also to focus on the things that are already going well.

ElenaDutch Teacher

After many years abroad I am happy to share my expertise of language learning & teaching with students at Kickstart School. I believe in what Nelson Mandela once said, “When you talk to someone in a language he understands, you reach his head. When you talk to someone in his own language, you reach his heart." It is very rewarding to see how students, already after a few lessons, are getting confident using Dutch. As a language teacher I focus on creating an open and informal classroom setting where everybody feels welcome, as well online as in our face-to-face lessons. Kickstart School provides a well-designed course program. Challenging the students and keeping them motivated and energized is what I provide as a teacher.

Debbie, English Teacher

I am a native English speaker from London, UK, who moved to The Hague at the end of 2000.  Prior to obtaining my CELTA qualification, I worked as an international civil servant for organisations within the EU and UN systems, including in the area of language services.  Whether it is teaching general English or business English, face-to-face or online, I am able to draw upon my previous experience of working in a multilingual, multicultural environment to help others achieve their language-learning goals.  Being able to communicate effectively with each other is a key skill in today’s world, and as someone who has always been interested in languages, I very much enjoy playing my part in enabling students to expand their knowledge and use of English.

Carine, Dutch Teacher

After my Communication studies in Utrecht, I worked in this field for 20 years. A few years ago I took up a new challenge. After studying at the Pedagogical Academy, and after a short experience in primary education, I ended up at the Hogeschool Leiden. There I now work with great pleasure as a Communication teacher/trainer. In addition, I started working as an NT2 teacher. Teaching both adults and children in the field of NT2, gives me great satisfaction. With decisiveness and empathy I try to bring out the best in people. The international environment in which I operate at Kickstart School is enormously enriching and inspiring.

Neeltje, Dutch Teacher

I have been teaching Dutch for 35 years. First in secondary education in the Netherlands then at the International and English school in Porto, where I prepared my students for all kinds of exams. I also gave Dutch lessons to students outside the school system. I see it as a challenge to identify the individual hurdles in learning a second language and try to overcome them smoothly. I also have been teaching Dutch via Skype to academics all over the world, who have had to learn perfect Dutch for professional reasons. A good understanding of Dutch grammar gives self-confidence, also in speaking the language.

Dorine, Dutch Teacher

After studying Dutch language and literature at the University of Nijmegen, I started teaching. Since then I have mainly been in high schools. I also lived in Brussels for a few years, where I taught Dutch to Walloons and interpreters of the European parliament. I really enjoyed this work: teaching adults about Dutch and talking to people from other cultures about (the peculiarities of) our language. I quit my job in secondary education and started teaching Dutch as a second language again with great pleasure.

Joke, Dutch Teacher

My name is Joke (the best name in international communities) and I love languages! Meeting people from different countries energizes me as well. Combining these two brought me to teaching Dutch and I enjoy it every day. I love helping students to express themselves in a new language and seeing their confidence grow. I enjoy hearing the stories about their backgrounds, what brought them here and their experiences in this small country. I know from experience, that speaking the local language, albeit challenging at times, is life changing. It’s worth the effort!

Paul A, Dutch Teacher

Why did I become a Dutch teacher? I have been asked this question many times. The answer is simple. I want to teach people something! I do that in a personal way. I would like to inspire you to learn something new. Learning is an experience, learning is fun. When you get lessons from me, you're going to experience something! You are going to learn the Dutch language, you are going to understand the Dutch language, you are going to use the Dutch language. I teach you how to enjoy the Dutch language and culture. Every lesson is a party! You are most welcome!

Evelien P, Dutch Teacher

Hello, I am Evelien Porracchio; daughter of a Dutch mother and an Italian father. Languages played and still plays a big role in my life. A language you don't understand or speak feels like a barrier. I myself have experienced how difficult it can be to make yourself understandable in a language other than your mother tongue(s). Once you succeed, it feels good; you feel connected with the people around you! Since 1997 I enjoy teaching Dutch and Italian at all levels. My motivation is the satisfaction I experience when students reach their learning goals!

Evelien V, Dutch Teacher

My grandparents were both teachers of French, so maybe my passion for languages is genetic? After studying French in Leiden, I eventually started working as a teacher of French and Dutch. There's nothing more fun than teaching a language to motivated students from all sorts of different backgrounds, explaining the tips & tricks and going into the cultural aspects. Although Dutch is really not an easy language to learn, it is nice to see the students, young or old, through group or private lessons, get to grips with the basics of our beautiful language and gaining confidence in using the language.

Brenda, English Teacher

I am a native English speaker from the U.S.A. I studied linguistics and pedagogy at Arizona State University and further achieved a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language. I also lived in England, meaning that I can relate to the experience of living/working abroad. I have taught for over 15 years now at a variety of schools, including adult schools, intensive university programs, community colleges and private language schools. I specialise in academic writing and reading, and I have also been an IELTS examiner. I enjoy making the classroom a place where students can feel relaxed and supported, not just by me, but by each other.

Katie, English Teacher

I am a British, CELTA qualified, ESL teacher. I first discovered my passion for languages whilst learning French at school. I later graduated with a degree in French Studies from Lancaster University. After that, I lived abroad in France and Switzerland. I subsequently worked in administration and student support at The University of Central Lancashire. In 2012 I moved to the Netherlands, working as an au pair. After qualifying as an English language instructor, I enjoy teaching a wide range of students from different cultures and backgrounds, with ages from 5 to 93. I work hard to create inclusive, interactive and enjoyable lessons.

Xiyu, Chinese Teacher

Hi, I’m Xiyu. I come from China. In 2012, I came to the Netherlands for my masters program at Leiden University, specializing in Art History. I started teaching Chinese part-time while I was in University, which is around 10 years ago. After coming to the Netherlands, I’ve been teaching in the Delft Chinese School for more than 4 years. I have obtained the advanced certificate of “Teaching Chinese as Second Language” issued by the International Chinese Teacher Authority. Now I work full-time in the social media area, and I am a mother of two young children. Teaching Chinese are the most enjoyable and relaxed hours in my busy life. I feel very happy to share my beautiful culture and language with people from all over the world.

Shashi, English Teacher

I have taught General English, Business English, University Preparation classes, Specialized Interest classes, IELTS and TOEFL Preparation classes. In addition I used to be a Cambridge Speaking and BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) Examiner. I taught for the British Council and other language centres in Bangkok, Caracas, Ankara, Ho Chi Minh City and New York. These experiences have given me insight into the cultural differences that can be challenging in the classroom, and I can use this knowledge to my advantage to ensure a comfortable learning environment for multi-cultural classes. Finally, I find it most important that my students are involved in class and enjoy learning English!

Richard, English Teacher

I moved to The Hague in 2014 after working for 30 years in the City of London as an accountant. I spent 6 years working for leading accountancy firm PWC, before taking in-house roles with two of the top commercial law firms in the city. Since my move to the Netherlands, I have become CELTA-qualified and now teach English as a second language. I am currently teaching both general and business English, using the experience I gained in London to provide real insight into the language used in business environments. I have found that teaching English as a foreign language is not that different to explaining complex tax ideas to lawyers!

Luke, English Teacher

I’m a certified ESL Teacher originally from the Northwest United States. I’ve spent the last 15 years living abroad teaching English as a Second (third and fourth) Language in Singapore, Germany, Turkey, and now The Netherlands. I use my undergraduate education background in English and Linguistics, along with my previous career as a Pastry Chef to develop real connections with students in the classroom. Whether it’s Business English, Test Prep such as IELTS or TOFEL, or a General Conversation course, my focus is always on tailoring the lesson to make sure students reach their own personal goals.

Shirley, Chinese Teacher

I got my Masters degree of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in China, and in 2008 I started working as a Chinese teacher. I have worked in two different International Education Colleges in China. My students were from different nationalities and countries. A few years later I went to South Korea to teach Chinese and at the end moved to Holland. I have taught different courses and levels from beginner to advanced, intensive reading, speaking, Chinese culture, HSK course (Chinese Proficiency Test) etc. With my Chinese teaching experience, I am well aware of the common problems of the students and how to adapt teaching to achieve better results using different styles and methods. My goal is that I would like all my students to learn Chinese in a simple and happy way.

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