Inburgering in 2022

Anyone who has been involved in the Inburgering process this year knows that there are many changes announced - then delayed - then announced again...  Below we are trying to make more clear what will change or stay the same for you - depending on the situation you are currently in.


Until now the language requirement for Inburgering was level A2. Come January 2022 the new Law on Inburgering will come into effect.


If you are subject to the integration requirement and have not received a letter yet, you will most probably be obliged to take the Inburgering exam on level B1. DUO and/or the Gemeente  will send you a letter with the necessary information.

Many of you have rushed to finish your Inburgering on A2 level before the end of this year. Maybe you haven’t yet got your results back from DUO or you already know that you failed one of the components of the exam. Don’t worry: the re-examinations in 2022 will still be on level A2, as long as you sat for the original exam in 2021.

If you are not subject to the integration requirement, you can sit back and relax. But if you are thinking about obtaining a residence permit or naturalisation at some point, be careful about your timing. You will need an Inburgering exam to get these and while for 2022 the language requirement is still A2, the level for non mandatory Inburgering exams is going to increase to language level B1 in 2023.


It is still unclear what the new B1 Inburgering exam is going to look like, but please take into account that there is a significant gap between the levels A2 and B1, so much more time will be needed to achieve the necessary level.



Exam level required

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Mandatory exam in 2022



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