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 “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to… Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Di Vinci… and Albert Einstein.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.


This quote reminds us that aspirations are useless without actions to uphold them. If you want to get the required score in the university entrance exams, you have to manage your time efficiently and decide how hard you are willing to work for it! University entrance exams are demanding, stressful, and affecting. In addition, university entrance exams are perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of students' life. And students feel under the utmost pressure to succeed. All those years of hard work in secondary education are at stake. Thus, endurance and perseverance are critical to successful test-taking and studying. 


Today I have noteworthy university entrance exam news to share with you! The news is that… starting in August 2021, students are going to have the option of taking a completely new TOEFL test being called the TOEFL Essentials test

It needs to be stressed that The TOEFL IBT test is not disappearing, students can still take the TOEFL IBT test. However, instead of taking the TOEFL IBT test, students can opt for the TOEFL Essentials test. Overall, it is a considerably different test. 


Let’s look at the details of the new test:


Test Format

  • Tests 4 Core Skills - listening, reading, writing, and speaking
  • Measures Foundational English Skills of English proficiency such as Vocabulary Knowledge and Sentence Construction
  •  Duration: 90 minutes 
  • Personal Video Statement. The 5-minute, unscored video recorded at the end of the test allows the test recipient to view test-taker responses to 2 general questions.



  • Academic and General Content. The test measures English proficiency in a variety of environments, beyond just academic
  • Adaptive Format. Test delivery adjusts to the test taker's skill level to more precisely measure proficiency; using the multistage adaptive methodology
  • Shorter Tasks. Friendly, faster-paced tasks are designed to attract test-takers who perform well with that style of assessment
  • A Global Test. Tasks provide a variety of mild accents and test situations from around the world, for a truly global fee.


Registration and Delivery

  •  Cost. The final price will be approximately US$100–$120
  •  Registration. Test takers register using the same platform as the TOEFL iBT® test.
  • Appointments. Test appointments are available around the clock, 1–3 days per week, as early as 24 hours after registration.
  • Worldwide Availability. Students can test from almost anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection.
  • At-Home Testing. The test uses the same best-in-class technology, proctoring, and security features as the TOEFL iBT® Home Edition.



The TOEFL Essentials test has several features that make it possible for test-takers to see and show their performance on the test.

  • MyBest® Scores. All TOEFL Essentials score reports will include MyBest scores, the combination of the test taker's best TOEFL Essentials scores from all valid tests in the last 2 years.
  • Instant Scoring. Test takers can see their unofficial Reading and Listening scores at the end of the test as an early indicator of their performance.
  • Unlimited Score Reports. Test takers can send as many score reports to institutions as they need to at no additional cost.


You can go direct to ETS link and read more


In conclusion, the university entrance exams are challenging; however, we can find the path to success by dedicating enough time to prepare well and putting in maximum effort to study effectively.

Please share your thoughts on how you get inspired to work in a disciplined manner for an exam?

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Shashi Beltgens

Exam Preparation Teacher at Kickstart School

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